Nagano-ken Choju-shokudo


Lush greenery, clean water, food grown in clear air, and the wisdom to eat delicious food - it is said that these things contain the secret of Nagano being the "No.1 for longevity in Japan." Enjoy the taste of the wisdom and culture accumulated by Nagano's long-lived people, as they are enveloped by rich nature and agriculture.


  • "In the global spotlight
    Nagano Prefecture is No.1 for Longevity in Japan"

    In Nagano Prefecture the topography and climate are ideal for agriculture, so that the regular everyday diet is naturally a healthy, long-life diet. And the accumulation of such things as a salt-reduction campaign by health volunteers leads to the Longevity No.1 in Japan.

  • Strategic cooperation agreement between Nagano Prefecture and KICHIRI

    "At a signing ceremony at the Nagano Prefectural Government on January 23rd, 2015, an agreement was concluded with the aim of promoting both health and longevity through the ""Food of Shinshu.""
    Aspects of the health and longevity culture of Nagano Prefecture, such as local cuisine made with seasonal ingredients, are being branded and launched across the country."

While the use of building materials from Nagano Prefecture giving the interior of the restaurant a warm, nostalgic feeling, it is also bright, healthy, and overflowing with exhilaration. As soon as you enter there is a fresh vegetable buffet and the aroma of steamed vegetables drifts towards you



"Lush greenery", "clean water", "food grown in clear air", and "the wisdom to eat delicious food" - it is said that these things contain the secret of Nagano being the "No.1 for longevity in Japan."
At the Nagano Prefecture Longevity Cafeteria you can enjoy the acutely nostalgic local cuisine of Nagano Prefecture.

  • Longevity Cafeteria Style
    Medicinal Tomato Curry
    Through repeated trial and error, our chef created this medicinal tomato curry based on ingredients from Shinshu. To a base of tomatoes rich in umami flavor are added a homemade medicinal bouillon using such things as cumin, Chinese wolfberry fruit, pine nuts, and jujube, and also a keema with lots of burdock, soy beans and walnuts. Its distinctive features are a moderate spiciness and a refreshing sourness and it is finished to a gentle, richly nutritious flavor. In addition, it is our chef's style to give the texture a fun twist, adding even further to the enjoyment of the meal. Bringing together a variety of elements in one dish, please enjoy the love and fun that goes into our longevity cafeteria special curry.
  • Solar Term Set Meal
    Japan has its beautiful four seasons - spring, summer, autumn and winter - and the rich expression of the seasons gives color to everyday life. It is said that food, which is also a blessing from nature, is at its most delicious and most nutritious when it is "in season." The Solar Term refers to the four seasons further divided into six, so that one year is made up of twenty-four seasons, giving even more depth of taste. With the cooperation of Takako Yokoyama, who has a profound knowledge of the local cuisine and food culture of Shinshu, and combining the taste of the Shinshu mountains - as distinct from the spirit of Edo or the elegance of Kyoto - with the solar term passed down from ancient times, you can enjoy twenty-four kinds of seasonal flavors during the year.
  • The Love-Vegetables Buffet
    So that you can experience for yourself how the people of Nagano prefecture eat more vegetables than anyone else in Japan, we have prepared a buffet of "raw vegetables," "steamed vegetables," and "mushrooms."